There is a fee policy of Unifox OTC platform:

General fees:

Fee typeFee charge
Account creation and management feeFree of charge
Deposit feeFree of charge
Withdrawal feeFixed fee of blockchain network visible in withdraw page
Order creation or cancelationFree of charge

Trading fees:

User typeDefault fee FOX Discount 2nd year
FOX Discount 2nd yearFOX Discount 3rd yearFOX Discount 4th year and later
Maker**0.3% from closed deal 50% from fees 30% from fees25% from fees 20% from fees
Taker***0.7% from closed deal 50% from fees
 30% from fees25% from fees
 20% from fees

Maker users may receive an additional discount for providing a liquidity for strongly demanded payment systems. 
Such conditions are negotiated individually.

* FOX Discount is  discount when trading fees are paid in FOX cryptocurrency. 
** Maker is user that creates an order and waiting for opposite party to accept it. Maker can be buyer or seller.

*** Taker is user that accepts created deal. Taker can be also buyer or seller. 

Fee policy might be changed at any time.



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