Affiliate & partnership program offers its users/partners two ways of cooperation: 

a) Affiliate program 
b) Regional representative program

a) Affiliate program

Affiliate program is option for any of our users to earn percentage from their recommended users. 
We understand the importance of personal recommendation this is why our affiliate program is so generous!

It is very simple:

Here are the conditions:


  Percentage revenue Condition
 Level 1 30% from fees paid by affiliate Finish at least one deal
 Level 2 10% from fees paid by affiliate Have at least one LVL 1 affiliate

b) Regional representative program

Regional representative program is option for experienced guys to become an exclusive partner for certain country/region. Such partners gain a fee from all deals processed in represented country.

Would you be interested to become a partner of Unifox OTC in your country?

  • Our relationship will be directed via agency contract
  • Please note there is an administration setup fee connected with regional representative which may vary for every country. 
  • We require marketing background from such partner or fulfillment of certain quotes stated in agreement

If you are interested contact us on



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