“Imagine MasterCard
for cryptocurrencies”

Presale SOLD OUT!

The new payment system that enables mass adoption of cryptocurrencies

2 500 000 $
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Multifunctional Payment Kiosk (ATM)

This is not just an ATM!

Such an ATM doesn’t need to eat, nor does it need to sleep, yet it still can fulfill all tasks like your banker. Oh, wait – without a single error! Moreover, every kiosk is a miner for the UniFox blockchain which connects all kiosks into one modern, integrated payment system. Can you imagine what opportunities can this network of smart kiosks that interconnect blockchain and cash bring?

Universal ATM

Ability to deposit and withdraw cash from any cryptocurrency, bank, exchanges and wallets

Smart Banking Branch

Get a loan, insurance or set up a bank account. Kiosks can verify both your signature and identity (KYC).

Mass Adoption Of Cryptocurrencies

Pay phone bills, electricity or gas. Want to pay with cryptocurrency or cash? Sure, it is entirely up to you.

Money Transfers

Ever imagined a “cash-teleportation kiosk”? Deposit in one kiosk and withdraw from another one on the other side of the world instantly!

POS Terminal – Not Just For The Cryptocurrency Payments

We are introducing a terminal that will radically change the way how merchandisers perceive cryptocurrencies!

  • Certified POS terminals will be used for accepting the cryptocurrencies as payments for goods and services.
  • Our POS terminal will be able to accept all cryptocurrencies gradually, even yours!
  • If you are a merchandiser and already use PAX terminal, you do not need anything but to download our own software for free.
  • We guarantee that all merchandisers that get paid with cryptocurrencies, will instantly get their payment in their local FIAT currency

Stable Unicash cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency with FIAT money features

Wondering why you have to wait several days for your payment to be received to the addressee?
Instead, imagine a stable currency that can be bought without waiting, and to be sent to any payment method worldwide. We introduce Unicash.


Unicash partner network connects all payment methods and that ensures Unicash the maximum liquidity


Unicash will help to fully use cryptocurrencies for daily transactions. This means a potential for high profits

Security & Stability

Unicash is just like an internet banking, where all deposits and withdrawals are conducted via exchanges.


To do a payment or even to send cash abroad is thanks to Unicash just a matter of seconds







Network Of Online Exchange Offices

Online exchange offices are websites that provide exchanges of cryptocurrencies to your local bank account or e-wallet and vice versa. Just choose the currency you already own and the target account and the online exchange office will take care of the rest. Online exchange office protects both the client and the bank.

Automated System

Online exchange office uses advanced technologies that make it possible to perform all transactions very quickly.

Interconnected Network

Interconnection of all independent online exchange offices into one common currency offering the best deal on the market

Become a Franchise Owner

Each country is represented by an online exchange office. Therefore, we offer cooperation to all powerful partners

Verification Procedures

Exchange offices allow essential cooperation with major banks with advanced KYC procedures

UniFox Exchange

Availability and comfort in the first place!

How fast can you get addicted to the comfortable Exchange that allows deposits and withdrawals through your local currency and even through cash? Buy Unicash by payment method and your deposit is ready under a minute. Same thing for withdrawals. Is there anyone who would not want this?

Decentralized Exchange

We will be launched as a centralized exchange. However, we have been already working on a decentralized version with cross-chain transactions

Universal Wallet

Why not consider storing all your currencies in one secure blockchain-running wallet with the easy convenience of converting them into FIAT?


By the end of the 9th month, you will have been able to convince yourself that user-friendliness is our advantage

More Options

Easily accessible Exchange will attract investors. Therefore, we will open trading with derivative contracts in the future

Introducing FOX

The true wealth in the
world of virtual currencies

  • What is FOX? FOX is the basic unit of the UniFox blockchain that involves a network of kiosks, online exchange offices, POS terminals, Exchange and Unicash. All fees are paid in FOX.
  • Why wealth? Demand for the technology within the UniFox network directly creates demand for FOX cryptocurrency and that this is how the growth of FOX value will be maintained. What`s more, by holding FOX you get to use all Unifox services with discount.
  • Why real wealth? FOX is both a utility & security token, and this exactly what makes the FOX unique. By holding more than 6 000 FOX you will automatically become a shareholder of UniFox and earn a dividend from each transaction conducted in our infrastructure.

How much money can I make?

Use the cells to type your planned investment and calculate the estimated cost of FOX
and possible monthly dividends at a specific period of time.

The invested amount
50, 000 $
Number of FOX
500, 000 FOX
The purchase price of 1 FOX = 0.25 $
Expected price of FOX
0, 36 $
100 $ 100, 000 $
Time the calculation relates to
Q3 2020
Q4 2018 Q4 2022
The expected value of your investment

180, 000 $ ROI = 360 %

Expected monthly dividend

1296 $

Only users holding 6000 or more FOX will be entitled to the dividends. All company profits are then divided among the total number of FOX holders.
Masternode Bonus

500 $ / Month

Users holding 200 000 FOX tokens and more on their wallets will be rewarded equally with 5% of all company profits

All figures listed above are by no means a commitment of the company. These are estimated predictions based on previous calculations of working UniFox products and publicly available information. Precise constants can be found in UniFox Whitepaper.

Buying FOX means buying a share
of the cryptocurrency adoption to the economy

Therefore, you can already get the chance to try out the UniFox infrastructure personally upon buying FOX

Any crypto



Bank transfer


10/2016 Fabrication Of a Functional Kiosk

A working model of an automated payment terminal with the ability to receive and issue cash. Basic software equipment and long testing.

4/2017 The Vision Of The Decentralized Marketplace

A written form of the economic concept of a marketplace with blockchain features – 100% independent, decentralized, without the ability to stop transactions and 100% accessible.

11/2017 Basic Version Of POS Terminals

A fully functional version of the POS terminal

4/2018 Unicash.io And UniFox Blockchain Completion

Unicash.io web page and all presentations + videos. Unicash cryptocurrency and UniFox blockchain basic version.

5/2018 Whitepaper Release

Uploading of complete technical documentation to the website. Adding financial inputs and outputs – all within the whitepaper.

5/2018 UniFox Meeting For All Investors And Partners
10/2018 Interconnection Of All Unicash Parts and Launch

Implementation of a Unicash cryptocurrency into all parts of the project and the official launch of Unicash infrastructure to the market.

10/2018 Start Of The Presale Event

UniFox presale is going to raise 2 million dollars from private investors. The total invested value in the project will be over 9 million dollars.

5/2019 ICO UniFox

UniFox main public sale with the intent to offer users a share in the entire idea of UniFox.

5/2019 Completion Of The Test Version Of The Exchange

The launch of the first system in order to debug and improve the user-friendly environment to perfection.

6/2019 UniFox Wallet Connection

All tokens are uploaded to the UniFox blockchain wallet. Therefore, they can be freely traded.

11/2019 UniFox Exchange Full Launch

The opening of a full version of the UniFox blockchain, including the opening of the biggest exchange for the digital currency. The opening of the Exchange includes connecting the whole infrastructure together– ATMs, Exchange Offices, POS terminals.

12/2019 Completion of Exchange Hardware

Completion of a hardware part to ensure that users can store any cryptocurrency in one wallet + the ability to trade these currencies (using the app).

10/2020 Gaining A Lead Position As The Worldwide Exchange

The launch of a full version of the biggest exchange for the digital currency.

The opening of the Exchange includes the connection of the entire infrastructure – ATMs, Exchange Offices, POS terminals.


  • Advisory Board
  • Management
  • Marketing team
Ruslan Sokolovsky

The founder of the crypto website Prometheus.ru and famous Russian video blogger. Ruslan is one of the most influential people from online influencers not only in Eastern Europe. Ruslan will help UniFox to target the Russian market, to understand the local sentiment and its needs.

Saransh Sharma

President of 4NEW & Partner Mirach Capital Group. Saransh has a deep knowledge and experience gained over several years on Wall Street and Silicon Valley. He will help to set up a working and successful world-class business model for the project.

Varun Datta

Chairman of Four Seasons Limited Capital. Founder and chairman of 4NEW. Varun has extensive experience in the development of companies in Asia, Europe and North America. His contribution to UniFox is particularly in the analysis of the business model and worldwide expansion.

Martin Král

Co-founder of a company specialized in buying other companies. Specialization in international structures, optimization and setting up business processes. He has participated in several ICO’s and is part of several structured funds. In UniFox he is in charge of contractual documentation, VoP and international communication with key contacts.

Ugur Ozer

Ugur is a Financial Services and Management Consulting professional. For over 13 years, he has helped organizations become more efficient in terms of people, processes and systems. He managed one of the top US banks. Ugur will play a crucial role for UniFox to globalise markets.

Wes Carlson

Founder of MyBitcoin Mauritius. A successful entrepreneur with rich experience in real estate, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. In view of his experience from other ICOs, Wes helps UniFox to set up the most appropriate business model for ICO and its strategy.

Robert Breadon

Qualified NLP trainer from AUNLP and registered hypnotherapist at GHR UK. He coaches and consults big corporations, business teams, and individuals – top athletes, entrepreneurs and politicians. He has been engaged in business and sales over 25 years. He developed businesses and startups and built dozens of functional offices.


COO & Co-Founder

Author of the Unifox concept, a business model that represents stable Unicash token and its interconnection with individual parts of the infrastructure. He also defined the FOX cryptocurrency that is based on the whole business model.

Michal Vlasak

Michal has extensive experience with online marketing. He has helped many successful crypto projects and ICOs including Academy, Mosaic, Earth, Skraps or 4New. He is also a co-founder of cryptosvet.cz. In UniFox, he is responsible for managing online marketing, its concept and success.

Vladislav Pogrebnyak

Vladislav was part of the main test team that developed a mobile application for MONETA Money Bank – the leading Czech bank that used to be part of General Electric conglomerate. He believes that many years of experience in online marketing, graphic design, software development, and project management will help move the UniFox project one step further.

Karol Suchánek

For the last 10 years, he has been involved in wealth management of families around the world. With nearly 20 years of experience, he provides comprehensive solutions to cybersecurity. At Unifox he is responsible for diverse, technical and business tasks related to managing InfoSec.

Petr Jakub

Petr is a visionary, business coach in direct selling and an investor who supports Start Up projects. He began his career on the financial-advisory market. He has been in business since 2011 and already has managed to gain a lot of experience with business team management.

Tomáš Šklíba

Tomas is a qualified NLP coach from Breadon s.r.o. and AUNLP and a certified hypnotist from YCC Federation UK. He participated in the entry of a billion-dollar company into the Czech Republic. During that time he built and trained the organization of traders and managers. He has over 15 years of experience in sales, network marketing and personal development.

Sergey Kravchenko

Sergey is an experienced investor, researcher, and trader in blockchain based startups. He has wide experience in assessing technological and business-related advantages and risks for today’s biggest blockchain based companies. His responsibility is to analyze, manage and improve various parts of the project to ensure its competitiveness.

Matyáš Douša
Martin Šilhánek
Vandres Guzman
Vanessa Guzman

Our Partners

The fastest and most scalable platform based on the blockchain technology for the development and execution of autonomous smart contracts and decentralized application with own internal cryptocurrency (CS)


Exclusive Sales and distribution partners for POS and ATM systems for Unifox in Canada. Company specializes in mining, building mining rigs and Investment packages.


Services of The Digital Ledger can navigate any business from concept to integration utilizing our collaborative network of technology partners that are focused on establishing real-world business solutions.


Online exchange office with roots in the Czech Republic that povides easy, fast and secure exchanges of cryptocurrencies.


4NEW is the world’s first eco-friendly blockchain ecosytem powered by waste to energy power plants


Arbitas is a software company that provides all IT services within the IT UniFox ecosytem.


Our partner and B2B platform that offers the exchange between ICO tokens and FIAT currencies through pre-paid cards


Wide network of payment terminals in Romania and Austria.


E-money works in the market of payment for services using self-service kiosks and selling points with cashier employees.


A leader with own factory that designs, manufactures and sells smart vending machines and automated kiosks



Meet UniFox Team Personally

Blockchain Summit
November 1, 2018 Malta

Blockchain Summit is a reflection of Maltese crypto momentum. The Summit anticipates 5,000 delegates.

October 31, 2018
Blockchain Summit
October 18, 2018 San Francisko

Blockchain Summit San Francisco is a 1-day conference and exhibition connecting over 1,500 industry leaders, business decision makers, tech innovators and investors.

Crypto Economy ICO 2018
October 16, 2018 Barcelona

Another event from Crypto Economy series that is focused on new projects and ICOs.

Blockchain Summit
August 28, 2018 Singapore

The Blockchain summit is the largest dedicated Blockchain Event Series in the world and UniFox is very proud to be the Diamond Sponsor of the Event.

Crypto Economy ICO 2018
July 6, 2018 London

Crypto Economy series is focused on new projects and ICOs. UniFox got a chance to pitch on the stage.

June 11, 2018 Dublin

The Fintech event that will be attended by more than 5,000 attendees from over 60 countries. Only 5 % of all applications were chosen and UniFox was part of them as a blockchain startup.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference
May 17, 2018 Prague

Blockchain event organized in Prague, focussing on Czech and foreign projects that implement Blockchain and cryptocurrencies for real use.



A project aiming to be the ‘Mastercard of cryptocurrencies,’ UniFox has invested $7,000,000 into disruptive technologies and products that are ready for marketplace adoption.

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Enabling limitless, virtually instantaneous transactions, the UniFox worldwide infrastructure solves the problem of liquidity that has been a major obstacle to the wide adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The UniFox ecosystem is ready for roll-out, and the Decentralised exchange is under development.

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Multifaceted cryptocurrency project UniFox, aiming to deploy ATMs and crypto POS terminals worldwide, has formed a partnership with Achain to collaborate in crypto adoption and include ACT in its products.

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UniFox continues to work with trusted projects with a large community, and following recent partnerships with Electra and Phore, a newcomer in the field of cryptocurrency has decided to work with the Achain platform to strengthen its position in Asia.

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The Unifox network has a global reach and plans to deploy over 6,000 ATMs and over 50,000 POS terminals within the next 2 years and the Asian market will play an important role.

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What is more, recent partnerships that include Electra, Phore or Achain project are proofs that UniFox aims to be a global player and wants to merge power with trustworthy crypto projects.

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Unifox presents a complete crypto to fiat infrastructure that enables its users to use stable cryptocurrency called Unicash in their city or f.e. in a favourite cake shop. Thanks to other parts of Unifox business that includes ATMs, POS terminals, online local exchanges and Unifox Decentralised exchange, one is able to use Unicash as effective as fiat money.

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Unifox wants to increase liquidity that is the main reason why cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology haven’t been widely adopted yet.

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And that vision is not utopian at all; Unifox plans to make cryptocurrency ATMs, exchange offices and POS terminals available to users, so that users can complete their daily transactions in cryptocurrencies.

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By using this ecosystem, the company is set to create a system in which the users will be able to manipulate cryptos as easily as if they were fiat currency.

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Latest Blog Post

Unicash (UXC) vs. Other Stable Coins

In the previous post, we talked about Unicash, the stable currency wrapped around the entire UniFox ecosystem. We announced that we had started negotiations with associated ATMs so that UXC could be possibly implemented within their system all across Europe.

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27.07.2018 16:30


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy FOX tokens?

It’s easy, just click here and follow the instructions.
Alternatively, you can buy FOX tokens right in your backoffice.

Attention! Never send money to a different address than the one you see in your back office!

Where can I find more detailed information on how UniFox really works?

All information that may interest those who want to invests in the FOX token can be found in the UniFox Whitepaper.

What makes FOX tokens valuable?

FOX token is a share of the entire project. Therefore, its value can be considered as a digital share across the entire project.

However, a fundamental rise in prices will occur as soon as FOX cryptocurrency starts to be used for paying blockchain fees, and all the services – the demand for the services of the company will trigger a demand for FOX cryptocurrency. This will directly cause the growth of the market price.

What makes UniFox ICO unique?

4 of the 5 products are already about to be tested or fully functional. This is evidence that we are serious about the project and will ensure its follow through.

The FOX token, which is the unit currency of UniFox, has actual utility for paying fees for all services that the company offers through its technologies. This gives the cryptocurrency true value!

The combination of security features and utility token with own blockchain technology is a rarity among all ICOs.

How are coins distributed?

The team of founders has decided to release 75% of all coins to partners.

Attention! The budget for ICO and for future use can be changed depending on market capacity and the speed of development. UniFox will always sell the coins along with introducing new technologies to ensure that the FOX coin price will not drop due the new coin issuing.

How to make sure that the team and all and products are real?

It is possible to visit us and look at our products personally, right in our office in Prague or Bratislava, or other country representation offices.

If you are interested, contact our support team via chat with this request in advance.

Can I participate in ICO, even if I do not have any funds for buying FOX tokens?

Yes, it is possible. ICO UniFox offers the opportunity to participate in the following programs:

Bounty: opportunity to get FOX tokens by promoting the project publicly

Airdrop: opportunity to get FOX tokens as a signup bonus

Affiliate program: (opportunity to get tokens for direct referrals)

All bonuses from these programs will be paid out as soon as the ICO is finished. Sign up and find out more information in your back office.